We Are Truly Different.

At M&M Bank, we are sincerely different.  Unlike most of our competition, we are just like our customers in terms of size.  We understand what they are going through because we live it as well.   It is this size that allows us to make decisions quickly with no bureaucratic red tape.

We understand that "relationship banking" is an over-used term; however when we say it, we mean it. Our clients work directly with the same decision makers at the bank in both good times and difficult periods in the business cycle.  Unlike our competitors, we don't transfer the "relationship" when there is a shift in the business.

Servicing all of the Chicago area including Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, we specialize in partnering with small and mid-size commercial and industrial companies.  Our clients come to us to finance working capital, equipment, buildings, acquisitions and other ventures.

At M&M Bank, business banking is truly our specialty.

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