Commercial Sweep Account

Commercial Sweep accounts are designed for high balance and high volume commercial checking accounts and allow the owner to receive interest on excess collected balances.  Functionally, cash balances in a business’s commercial checking account sweep into and out of the Commercial Sweep account based on targets established by the bank.

How it works:

M&M Bank’s Commercial Sweep Account operates by establishing a target balance for your checking account. On a daily basis, collected balances above that target are automatically swept into your repurchase agreement investment. Funds are swept out of theCommercial Sweep account to maintain the required balance if the account falls below the target.

Earnings are credited to your account daily.

How your company benefits:

  • Fully automated sweeps eliminates missed investment opportunities.
  • Eliminates the time-consuming responsibilities of managing and timing transfers of idle cash between your checking and investment accounts.
  • Excess checking account balances work for you, earning interest, instead of sitting idle in your checking account.

Ask your business banker for more information.


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